Pepperoni Pizza Twists

Simple and delicious pepperoni pizza twists anyone can make, using only 5 ingredients. Put the cheese, pepperoni and pizza sauce inside the dough and roll them up with a twist. Brush with melted butter and bake them in the oven and enjoy your meal. The pizza twists should be a success for all ages


Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops

Came across this easy delicious looking dinner from Lil Luna that only requires a handful of ingredients. You need pork chops or boneless pork filets, dry breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, as well as a few easy to find spices. Sure will be trying this recipe next time i’m in the mood for a pork dinner


Chicken Fried Rice With Veggies

Simple asian dinner from Life In The Lofthouse. Not so many ingredients and it looks easy to make. You need chicken, eggs, some oils and teriyaki sauce, plus rice and some frozen vegetables. That sure looks worth a go. You can probably skip cooking a whole chicken and use cut up chicken filets instead


Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole

Came across this delicious looking Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole from Jo Cooks that looks tasty and easy to make. Not so many ingredients and it is done in 30 minutes. Basicly it’s just chicken, cheese, corn, beans and cheese melted together in perfect harmony with enchilada sauce


Mexican Ground Beef Taco Stew With Rice

Quick and easy mexican stew with rise and tortillachips on the side. Start by boiling some rice according to the instructions on the package so it is done when the main dish is. Cook the ground beef on high heat until it is brown, add the packs of taco spice mix powder… More


Easy Meatball Sliders

Well this looks nice a quick and delicious dinner, right down my alley. Easy meatball sliders made with few ingredients and little work. Put the slider buns in a non stick oven form, cover the sliders with sauce, add the meatballs with another dash of sauce, sprinkle on grated cheese and slap it in the oven. Just as easy as that


Mexican Nacho Calorie Bomb Lasagna

This is one delicious easy mexican dinner that you make with very little work. It is packed with sour creme and cheese, so prepare to feel like a beached whale after this dinner. In short summary you cook the ground beef and add the taco spice mix powder along with the required… More


Chicken Pasta With Peas And Sauce

This delicious simple dinner for 2 persons only requires 4 ingredients and very little work. You need 2 chicken filets cut up into small pieces, around 450 grams total. One standard can of green peas you drain the water off, one bag of any powdered white pasta sauce of your choice that yields… More


Sweet And Sour Chicken With Rice

Here is one of my favourite easy dinners, chicken with sweet and sour sauce with rice on the side. This dinner take only 15 minutes to make, and for 2 persons you need only the following ingredients: 3 chicken filets, one jar of sweet and sour sauce and rice. Start by making the… More


Easy One Pot Ground Beef Stew With Bacon

Here you have a very easy and delicious stew with ground beef and bacon as main ingredients. Today i’m making a big portion that covers 4 persons. You need around 800 grams of ground beef or minced meat, around 300 grams of bacon bits, powdered pasta sauce that yield about 8 desilitres,… More


Fish Soup With Salmon Filet

For this simple soup dinner you can use whatever prefabricated fish soup you want, either powdered that you add liquids to and boil or fully ready you just heat up. Pimp it up with some creme fraiche to make it more delicious and creamy, slap a fried salmon filet in it and… More


Tortillas With Ground Beef And Veggies

Here you have a really simple mexican dinner with tortillas and various other topping. For 2 persons you need a pack of soft tortillas, around 400 grams ground beef, taco spice mix, any taco sauce you want, a bag of sallad mix, onion, corn and jalapenos. Start by putting all the ingredients… More


Spaghetti With Ground Beef Pasta Sauce

Today we make a simple but very delicious dinner for 2 with ground beef and spaghetti as main ingredients. Run to the store and buy around 400 grams of ground beef, one package of regular spaghetti, any pastasauce you want, plus one onion and a pepperbell. Start by cutting up the pepperbell… More


Chicken Filets With Mashed Potatoes

Here you have a really simple chicken dinner that only takes around 15 minutes to make. For two persons you need around 3 chicken filets, prefabricated mashed potatoes that you either just warm up or make yourself, some herb butter you smear on the chicken when it is fried, and some lettuce with… More


Easy Pizza With Salami And Bacon

Here is a simple but delicious pizza dinner for 1 person. If you want to make it for more, just buy more ready made thin pizza crusts and make sure you have enough ingredients for the topping. For this version buy a thin pizza crust and use whatever prefabricated pizza sauce and cheese… More


Fried Salmon With Rice And Sour Creme

Here you have a really good and simple fish dinner. Only a few ingredients needed, and it is very easy to make. For 2 persons you need a couple of boneless salmon filets for each, enough rice of any choice, a little sour creme and some lettuce. Heat up a frying pan… More


Cauliflower Soup With Chicken And Bacon

For this dinner we use prefabricated cauliflower soup wich we add extra cauliflower and chicken too, and some tiny bacon bits sprinkled on top. This is a big portion so it is well enough for 4 persons. You need prefabricated cauliflower soup for 8 persons, 4 large chicken filets, a normal sized… More


Pork Bites With Champignon And Onion

Here is a easy dinner tip for those of you who like champignon and onion. This dinner requires 4 ingredients and takes around 35 minutes to make. I made this dinner for myself so i would get lots of leftovers, however it should be enough for 3 persons. You need around 700 grams… More


White Beans With Bacon And Hotdogs

For this dinner we turn a side dish into a full worthy dinner. Only 3 ingredients are required, 2 cans of white beans in tomatoe sauce, some packages of bacon and 4 hotdogs. This is a very good and simple dinner that you put together in 20 minutes or so. Cut up… More


Simple Rice With Bacon And Champignon

This dinner for 2 is slapped up in no time and only requires 3 ingredients. You need around 400 grams of bacon, around 6 medium sized champignons and 4 portions or rice. Boil the rice according to the package before you start, so it is ready once the bacon and champignons are… More


Chicken And Vegetables In Wok Sauce

Here is a simple good and healthy dinner with chicken and veggies that you can eat without crying afterwards. This is a big portion so it is enough for 4 persons, if you cook for yourself like me, then you will have lots of leftovers you can just heat up and eat later.… More


Simple Bread Dinner With Eggs And Bacon

This is a really simple dinner for 2 that requires only a few ingredients. All you need is some slices of bread, as much bacon as you want, a can of white beans in tomatoe sauce and 4 eggs. This meal is great for breakfast as well. To speed things up while cooking, you… More